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Volume 26, Number 1
May 24, 2018
The Puget Sound Economic Forecaster
Forecast and Commentary by Dick Conway and Doug Pedersen

Dick Conway

Dick has been an economist and forecaster for business and government since 1981, when he founded Dick Conway & Associates. His clients have included The Boeing Company, State of Washington, Seattle City Light, Weyerhaeuser Company, Puget Sound Regional Council, Murray Franklyn Family of Companies, King County Metro, Microsoft Corporation, Port of Seattle, Puget Sound Energy, City of Seattle, and John L. Scott Real Estate.

Dick has a B.S. in engineering from Stanford University, an M.B.A. in business economics from the University of Washington, and a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied regional economics. He has developed a national reputation for his research on regional forecasting methods, having written more than twenty articles on the subject in economic journals and books. He is Associate Editor of the International Regional Science Review and past Associate Editor of the Journal of Regional Science.

He is Affiliate Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Washington, where he has taught courses in regional analysis, macroeconomics, and international trade and transportation. Dick is a member of the Washington State Governor's Council of Economic Advisors, the Western Blue Chip Panel of Economic Forecasters, and the Washington State Economic Climate Study Advisory Board. He was also a member of the Washington State Tax Structure Committee.

As a result of his continuing interest in tax policy, Dick recently completed a comprehensive analysis of the Washington state and local tax system. The results are published in two papers: "Washington State and Local Tax System: Dysfunction and Reform" and "Washington State and Local Tax System: Myths and Facts."

Washington State and Local Tax System Dysfunction and Reform
Funding Basic Education