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Volume 26, Number 1
May 22, 2018
The Puget Sound Economic Forecaster
Forecast and Commentary by Dick Conway and Doug Pedersen

Publications and Reports

With fifty years of experience between them, Dick Conway and Doug Pedersen have produced more than 300 studies. The following list of publications and reports is representative of their broad experience in regional economic forecasting and analysis:

Conway, R. S., Jr. "Applications of the Washington Projection and Simulation Model," in Dutta, M., J. C. Hartline, and P. D. Loeb (eds.). Essays in Regional Economic Studies. Durham, North Carolina: The Acorn Press, 1983, 105-115.

Conway, R. S., Jr. "Bus Ridership Forecasts," King County Metro, annual.

Conway, R. S., Jr. "Foreign Exports and the Washington State Economy," Washington State Department of Community, Trade, and Economic Development, Port of Seattle, and Port of Tacoma, 1997.

Conway, R. S. Jr. "Metro Vanpool Market Analysis," Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle, 1986.

Conway, R. S. Jr. “Rainy Day Fund: Proposal and Simulation,” Washington State Tax Structure Committee, 2002.

Conway, R. S., Jr. "Regional Economic and Demographic Data Base, Modeling, and Forecasting: Long-Range Forecasts for the Puget Sound Region," Puget Sound Regional Council, 2002.

Conway, R. S., Jr. "The City of Seattle Economy: A Report to Standard & Poor's and Moody's," Office of the Management and Budget, City of Seattle, 1988.

Conway, R. S., Jr. "The Economic and Social Importance of Air Transportation for Washington," Washington State Air Transportation Commission, 1992.

Conway, R. S., Jr. "The Microsoft Economic Impact Study," Microsoft Corporation, 2002.

Conway, R. S., Jr. "The Puget Sound Forecasting Model: A Model of Ron Miller's Hometown," in Lahr, M. L. and E. Dietzenbacher (eds.). Input-Output Analysis: Frontiers and Extensions. Hampshire, England: Palgrave Publishers, 2001, 431-450.

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Conway, R. S., Jr. "The Washington State Economy: An Assessment of Its Strengths and Weaknesses," Washington State Economic Development Board, 1987.

Conway, R. S., Jr., and W. B. Beyers. "Seattle Mariners Baseball Club Economic Impact," King County, 1994.

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Conway, R. S., Jr., and D. H. Pedersen. “Puget Sound Economic and Tax Base Forecasts,” Regional Transportation Investment District, 2004.

Conway, R. S., Jr., and D. H. Pedersen. “Snohomish County Economy: Structure, Conditions, and Forecast,” Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1, 2003.

Conway, R. S., Jr., D. H. Pedersen, and G. Pascall. "The Boeing Economic Impact Study," The Boeing Company, September 1989.

Pedersen, D. H. "Aerospace and the Outlook for the Washington Economy," Seafirst Bank, October 1992.

Pedersen, D. H. "Anticipating the Residential Building Cycle in the Puget Sound and Portland-Vancouver Regional Economies," Continental Inc., April 1998.

Pedersen, D. H. "Boeing and the Renton Economy," City of Renton, August 1999.

Pedersen, D. H. "City of Renton Economic Forecast, 2000-2002," City of Renton, August 2000.

Pedersen, D. H. "The Puget Sound Economy: Current Conditions and Prospects, City of Bellevue," October 13, 1998.

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Pedersen, D. H. and R. S. Conway, Jr. "The Economy and Housing Market in the Puget Sound Region and King County: Current Conditions and Outlook," Intracorp, October 1997.

Pedersen, D. H., R. S. Conway, Jr., and G. Pascall. "The Forest Products Economic Impact Study," Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Washington State Department of Trade and Economic Development, and Washington Forest Protection Association, September 1990.